Adobe Air Plugin Version History

v5.5.1 Changes (2017-April-4)

  • Separated device and simulator static library for iOS

v5.1.0 Changes (2017-Feb-16)

  • Built with latest Flex 4.15.0, AIR 24.0.

v5.0.0 Changes (2016-Sept-14)

  • Updates plugin to use iOS SDK 4.9.0, Android SDK 4.6.0.
  • Extension name changed from com.hasoffers.MobileAppTracker to com.tune.Tune.
  • Actionscript namespace changed from com.hasoffers.nativeextensions.MobileAppTrackerto com.tune.ane.Tune.
  • Only include play-services-basement-{version}.aar in build.
  • Built with latest Flex 4.15.0, AIR 22.0.

v4.3.0 Changes (2015-Dec-3)

  • Add deep link setter setDeepLink
  • iOS SDK 3.15.0
  • Android SDK 3.11.4

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